Stop shark finning

California’s Assembly Bill 376 has the support of tens of thousands of people, including movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. At the moment, the bill is awaiting a decision by the governor of California.

Shark fins are valuable because of the Asian delicacy of Shark Fin soup and millions of sharks die each year because of the process. The bill would make it illegal for shark fins to be transported in or to the U.S. But sharks are still being finned all over the world.

For most people, seeing a shark in the water would terrify them and send them swimming away. But for many SCUBA divers, seeing a shark while in their environment is a dream. It is a thrill, but it puts you in a league with an amazing predator.

Shark finning is a process that forces the shark to die slowly, because it is returned back into the ocean without its fin. That means these majestic creatures are becoming finless corpses at the bottom of the ocean, which isn’t something a diver like me would want to see.

Sharks may have a bad reputation, but they are oceanic predators that do not deserve such an inhumane death. I ask you to make yourself aware of the problem. If you’re like me, you’re a SCUBA diver who wouldn’t mind seeing a fin come out of the water while waiting to descend into the ocean. I’ve joined the cause to stop shark finning throughout the world. I want to dive with sharks in all of their glory, not in their graves at the bottom of the sea. If you want to stop shark finning throughout the world, join the cause now.


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